CERN invites you to a tour on the Researcher's Night


On Friday 29 September, take a virtual tour of the CERN experiments from your armchair! The tours will be conducted in several languages and on Facebook live from the various CERN venues as follows:

- 7 p.m. - ALICE, the experiment that studies quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter thought to have existed just after the Big Bang. Tour in English.

- 8 p.m. - CERN Control Centre, the nerve centre from which all of CERN’s accelerators are controlled. Tour in English.

- 9 p.m. - LHCb, the experiment that seeks to understand why we live in a universe that appears to be composed of matter but no antimatter. Tour in Serbian.

Each visit will last 45 min. and will be available from the CERN news feed. Look at

Spread the word to your relatives, friends, colleagues in those countries!

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