The fifth training seminar under the project YouthCap, Employing Innovative tools for raising YOUTH organizations’ CAPacity and youth carrier development (coordinated by CRA and financed by Erazmus+ Programme), was hosted by the Serbian partner, the NGO Osvezenje. The event took place on October 20 to 24, 2022 in Pirot, Serbia and was attended by young people from all partner countries, Turkey, Rumania and Bulgaria. Bulgaria was represented by last grade students of 56 High School, Sofia and their teacher, Ms Rusanova.  

By tradition, part of the programme included basic lectures, some provided by the CRA project team, followed by introduction of successful entrepreneurs and managers who presented some specific cases. A lot of useful practical advises were shared and thoroughly discussed during these sessions: of starting a new business, developing one’s business ideas and, especially, of facing and solving the challenges and issues that entrepreneurship and management could present. A presentation of good business practices given by the successful Israeli entrepreneur, Dr Moshe Simony, should be noted.

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