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"Center for Research and Analysis" (CRA) is a non-profit organization, performing public services. The mission of CRA is to analyze the prospects and advise research teams and institutions working in the field of Bulgarian Education and Science for their integration into the European research and education. The association maintains contacts with national and international universities, research centers and organizations in the field of education, science and innovation. CRA is partnering with various government agencies for the implementation of national and international projects and networks such as South East Europe Science Project (SEE Science), The European Network of Science Centres and Museums (ECSITE) and OBSERVAL-Net. 


Activities in international scientific and educational programs:

  • consultancy, design, preparation and implementation of projects in international research and education programs;
  • design and preparation of applications for participation in European scientific and educational projects and programs;
  • development and dissemination of methodological, informational and supporting materials encouraging the participation of Bulgarian scientific and educational teams in preparation and implementation of projects in national and European programs;
  • establishing, maintaining and providing public access to information (databases, web pages) in supporting Bulgarian scientific and educational teams in international programs;


  • consulting and expert services related to the harmonization of Bulgarian with European legislation in the field of science and education;
  • development of projects for management, financing and regulation of the Bulgarian secondary and higher education and science;
  • analysis and preparation of expert opinion related to the state of Bulgarian Education and Science;
  • expert reviews of research and educational projects, programs and initiatives;

Organizational activities for events and displays:

  • providing educational and consulting services and conducting training courses for Bulgarian scientists and lecturers around the world:
    • participation in European research programs;
    • methodological and applied problems in the preparation of research projects;
    • project governance, funding and specifics of European and Bulgarian legislation;
  • organization of national and international scientific events (conferences, seminars) related to the objectives of the association;
  • organization of information forums, workshops and other informational events for dissemination of international scientific and educational initiatives.
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