On Friday 29 September, take a virtual tour of the CERN experiments from your armchair! The tours will be conducted in several languages and on Facebook live from the various CERN venues as follows:- 7 p.m. - ALICE, the experiment that studies quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter thought to have existed just after the Big Bang...
The Exhibition started in 2016 in London.Look at the citizens who did it:Image: Angela Moore
We are very proud with our Bulgarian students who took part in the Genius Olimpiad in Oswego, USA and came back with awords.See what they have got:Kalina Petrova, American College Sofia, Silver Medal in Creative Writing.Peter Raijekov, French High School Sofia, Bronze Medal in Art.Reni Mecheva, Spanish High School Sofia,...
REMINDER – The Science Festival started today in the park at theatre Sofia.   Don’t miss the event! Four days to enjoy yourself while learning about fascinating new scientific facts! For details – the Programme at
We are happy to announce that our candidates Kalina Petrova and Reni Mecheva, students in the American College of Sofia, and Peter Raijekov, from the French Secondary School in Sofia,  successfully reached the final and will participate in 2016 Genius Olympiad. Reni (with a sketch) and Peter (with a clip) will present...
The Bulgarian and Norwegian participants in the project “History teaching in multicultural society - challenges and models” gathered in Oslo on November 2-6 to discuss basic aspects of the teaching and to exchange good practices.See some of the basic presentations:History Education,  Intercultural education -...
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