On June 24-26.2024 the Munich University of Applied Sciences (Coordinator) hosted the Consortium kick-off meeting to start the CHIPS of Europe - (Creating Higher-Education Industry Programmes for the Semiconductor Industry of Europe) project. The basic goals and the tasks for the first 18 months, and strategically focused communication strategy were discussed in detail.

Chips of Europe is focusing on the shortage of qualified workforce for EU semiconductor industry where a major shortage of workers is expected by 2030. In the next 4 years, universities, large, small and medium industrial companies and NGOs from 10 countries across Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Danmark, Norvey, Sweden, Check Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium and Kenia) will join efforts and expertise to increase the attractiveness of semiconductor-related study programmes and careers aiming to support a successful future of the semiconductor industry in Europe.

The Centre for Research and Analysis (CRA), the Technical University, Sofia and the technological company Endurosat are the Bulgarian participant in the Consortium of 14 full and 7 associated partners. CRA will offer its yearslong expertise in scientific communication focused on nonacademic environment: public, youth (schoolchildren& students), and media, with special attention to girls and women.  

Assos. Prof Todor Yalamov represented CRA at the meeting.

All about the project, the partners and the kick-off you may see on the Chips of Europe sites here or here and/or by looking/downloading the first press- release.

Don’t forget to follow this site for news about the project and the activities in Bulgaria!



Photo: Alexander Ratzing.

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