The project KA204-C4F4E254-EN within Erasmus+ Citizen Senior Researchers – raising the competences of senior adults and incorporating them in research and analytical activities under the label of citizen science was introduced at the 13th Sofia Science Festival, SofiaTechPark, May 11-14, 2023.

The project is coordinated by CENTRUM NOWOCZESNOSCI MLYN WIEDZY, Poland with partners:  

  • Ljudska Univerza Kranj – Slovenia
  • Regionalna Inicjatywa Sportowo-Edukacyjna Poland
  • Prave ted! o.p.s. Czech Republic
  • Centre for Research and Analysis – Bulgaria

With the understanding that aging puts forward the fundamental challenge that faces the modern societies - that the capacity of older adults (65+) must be better developed and utilized in activities. Effective engagement can lead to multiple positive effects and engaging senior adults in research projects under the label of citizen science can play a key role.

Having this in mind, the consortium members intend to conduct research in their countries to diagnose the situation. A didactic material which will be developed as a result containing a methodology how to educate seniors and sharing good practices of how to increase popularity among older adults to volunteer in scientific research. The project envisages a testing phase in which suggestions from the textbook will be put in the practice in the form of a workshop training for educators.

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