The Centre for Research and Analysis is working on a new project entitled Improving the Mechanism of Civil Participation in the Process of Formulation and Implementation of the Higher Education Policy in Bulgaria.

The project aims at the improvement of the outcomes of the Bulgarian higher education by improving the civil participation in formulating and implementing the polices in the area. Under Activity 1, two good practices of communication between society and policy makers in EU countries will be examined in detail and a deep-seated study will be performed to identify the needs of well-trained labour force for the business. Recommendations will be drafted and addressed to the responsible institutions suggesting measures and actions to improve the policy formulation process in the higher education. Activity 2 aims at providing mechanism and tools for the business feedback to policy makers in higher education area on the needs of the labour market. For the purpose, two round tables will be held, and an internet portal for data collection, analysis will be created to provide a database for all engaged parties.  Activity 3 aims at creation of a network of participants representing different target groups: governmental structures, higher education institutions, NGO, socio-economic partners, businesses, society. The network will use the mechanism and tools provided to improve the feedback from the business to the policy makers in higher education area on the labour market requirements and relevance. The project started in December 2018 and will be completed in 16 months with a budget of BGN 89889.70 лв


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