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Assoc. Prof. Boryana Damyanova PhD, CRA

Boryana Damyanova graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ".  Her doctoral thesis is in Analytical Chemistry at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She is a member of the Governing Council of Centre for Research and Analysis. Damyanova was leading scientist in research projects in the field of chemistry, funded by National Science Fund for the period 1993-2003. Winner of the award for outstanding performance in the 10th session of the NSF. She is author and co-author of over 100 scientific paper published in leading scientific journal, of book chapters and encyclopaedia entries on lipid analysis. Currently, she is assoc. prof emeritus at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Assoc. Prof. Darina Zaimova PhD, Trakia University, Stara Zagora

Darina Zaimova has a bachelor and master degree in Economics, and a doctoral degree in "Economics and Management" (Agriculture). She specialized in leading academic and business centres in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Serbia. Currently she is working in the Department "Industrial business and entrepreneurship" at the Faculty of Economics in Trakia University, teaching lectures and seminars on "Planning and forecasting", "Entrepreneurship", "Social entrepreneurship". Darina Zaimova is author and co-author of numerous publications in Bulgaria and abroad. She is also coordinator and participant in international research projects.

Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Balabanski PhD, "ELI" Pan-European facility initiative

Dimitar Balabanski graduated in Engineering Physics at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski " and received the PhD in the Research centre in Ulich, Germany. In 2007-2013 he is an associate professor at the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. At present, he is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Research "Horia Hulubey" in Magurele, Romania and heads the Nuclear Physics and Application of the Brilliant Stacks of Gamma Rays group at the European laboratory The Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics Facility (ELI-NP).  Balabanski participated in over 30 experimental projects in different laboratories in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Australia and South Africa and has published about 150 scientific papers. He received the Pythagoras Award in natural sciences and mathematics for 2010. Currently he acts as a visiting professor at the University of Leuven (Belgium), Knoxville (USA), Camerino (Italy) and Paris-south XI (France). Since 2009 he is a member of the Committee for Nuclear Physics of the European Association of Physics.

Assoc. Prof. Igor Damianov PhD, University of National and World Economics, Sofia

Igor Damianov is historian. He specialized in history of international relations at the Sorbonne, the Institute of Balkanistics, Moscow, and at the University of Athens. At present, he teaches in the Department of International Economics and Politics and is Dean of the Faculty International Economics and Politics at the University of National and World Economics, Sofia. He has served in high positions in the Bulgarian State Administration. Damianov is Doctor Honoris Causa at the Saint Petersburg University of Economics.

Prof. Ivan Dimov, PhD, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Ivan Dimov is a professor at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). He defended his PhD thesis at the Moscow Research University (former Moscow-MEI), Institute of Applied Mathematics "Keldysh" and others. He participated in numerous national and international projects. He is a member of several BAS expert committees and public administration. Prof. Ivan Dimov is author of dozens of books and publications with high impact factor.

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Pankov PhD, Technical University - Sofia

Ivan Pankov is an associate professor at the Technical University - Sofia. He graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University, Sofia. In 1981, he defended his doctoral dissertation. Manager of the Centre for Vocational Training at TU. He participates in various national and international research projects. Author and co-author of numerous scientific publications.

Lyubov Kostova, British Council Bulgaria

Lyubov Kostova is the director of British Council, Bulgaria. She has been involved in the devising and promotion of events in science communication since 2004 when a scoping report she commissioned led to the first master class in science communication she organised in Bulgaria for researchers and journalists. This was followed by the first Café Scientifique events in Bulgaria, both live and through videoconference presented to remote audiences in up to 3 countries. She managed the British Council project which in 2006 for the first time expanded what was a national competition in the UK – FameLab, created by the Cheltenham Science Festival – to nine countries in South East Europe, and co-produced the international final. In Bulgaria Lyubov co-created the Sofia Science Festival in 2011, is member of the Mtel Media Masters jury for science and technology journalism, consulted the Beautiful Science programme on Bulgarian National Television, and has been involved in the set-up or organisation of many other science-and-society projects. As communication and marketing expert, she lectures at the London School of PR in Bulgaria, is member of the jury of the BG Site Awards, and others. 

Corr. Member Prof. Nikolay Miloshev PhD, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Nikolay Miloshev is a professor at the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography. He worked as a specialist physician, researcher, deputy director and then director of the Geophysical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Science. He chaired the Board of Directors of department of "Earth Sciences" at BAS. Prof. Nikolay Miloshev was acting chairman of BAS. In 2013, he was Minister of Education and Science. He participated in numerous national and international projects, scientific advice- and expert committees. Member of international and national professional scientific associations, federations and societies. Author of over 132 scientific papers.

Prof. Radi Romanski, DSc., Technical University - Sofia

Radi Romanski is Vice-Rector of the Technical University, Sofia. He graduated at TU in the field of Computer Engineering. In 2004, he specializes in Erasmus on Computer Architectures and Reconfigurable Processors at Technical University - Delft, Netherlands. He is a member of several national and international scientific unions in the electronics, electrical and communications programs, workshops, a full member of the European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilation. Head of a working group to develop a "Framework for the design of a national system for the exchange of information between administrative structures (technical part)," Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Bulgaria (2003), member of the working group "standards for the electronic Government "of the development of "Principles of Integrity and interoperability of information systems for administrative needs of e-government" (2004). He has more than 175 publications in scientific journals and conference proceedings, published 16 books in Bulgarian and over 30 completed projects.

Prof. Rumen Brusarski PhD, University of National and World Economy

Rumen Brusarski is professor at University of National and World Economy, Sofia. He has over 15 years of professional experience at various management positions in the public administration: Head of Department, Ministry of Economic Development (1996-1997), Head of "Financing and management of cash resources" and Deputy Executive Director, State Fund "Agriculture" (1997- 1999). In higher education, he took a position as Deputy Head of the Department "Finance" (2001-2012). He participated in numerous national and international projects. He is the author of many scientific publications.

Corr. Member Prof. Rumen Pankov DSc., Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Rumen Pankov is a professor at the Department of Cytology, Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". Winner of numerous awards, participated in national and international projects. He is a member of the editorial board of the journals Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment and Journal of BioScience and Biotechnology, Biochemical and Biophysical Bulgarian Community and the American Society of Cell Biology and various scientific advice and expert groups. Reviewer of numerous scientific articles, author of 93 scientific publications.

Assoc. Prof. Staycho Kolev PhD, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Staycho Kolev is an associate professor at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology. He is currently head of "Portable tools and metrology". He defended his doctoral thesis at the Russian State Hydrometeorological University. Contact person in FP7 and COST programs. Visiting professor at the University of Vigo, Spain. He participates in numerous national and international projects and is an evaluator at the EC. He is a member of the International Executive Committee (IEC) of EUROTRAC-2 (EUREKA Project, 1996-2002). He has authored over 50 scientific articles.

Prof. Evdokia Pasheva, DSc., Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Evdokia Pasheva is a chemist (Sofia University, St. Kliment Ohridski), professor at the Institute of Molecular Biology, BAS. Her scientific interests are in the field of molecular and cell biology. Professor Pasheva specialized in France (Institute Curie, Paris), where she was later invited as a lecturer (Paris) and guest professor (Nantes, Grenoble). She is adviser of graduate students and PhD students; leading scientist and participant in European and national scientific projects.  Since 2013 she has been Scientific Secretary General of BAS and director of the Academy’s Training center; she is chair of the Science Policy Committee at BAS’s General Assembly, member of the Council of Rectors, member of the National Science and Innovation Council at the Ministry of Education and Science and of the National Commission for UNESCO. Pasheva has 44 publications.

Corr. Member prof. Toni Spassov, DSc, University of Sofia

Toni Spassov graduated in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia. He specialized in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry - Solid State Chemistry. His interests are concentrated on nanocrystalline (nanostructured) and amorphous materials, hydrogen storage materials high-temperature oxidation and corrosion of metallic alloys. Spassov specialized in Germany (University of Dortmund, TU Dortmund with Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship), England (Loughborough university), Spain (University of Barcelona); the University of Melbourne. Spassov was invited-professorat at the Central Michigan University, USA and Bochum University, Germany.  He has published 122 papers and is leading scientist in number of scientific projects funded by EU and NSF.  Spassov is now Chair of the Department of Applied Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University and Corresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.




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