The Center for Research and Analysis conducts an informational campaign entitled 100 % YOU. The campaign is part of the National program for implementation of youth activities under art. 10A of the Gambling Act, which is implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The informational campaign aims to prevent all forms of dependence – drug, alcohol, tobacco, internet activity, gaming and others. Most common problems of the target audience, at the age between 15 and 29, are related to alcohol addiction, drug addiction, cell phone and computer addiction, work, shopping, TV and others. There are different reasons why people at this age become addicted. Sometimes it is the result of the social circle they are a part of.  Various psychological factors have an influence, as well. Sometimes there is also genetic predisposition.

CRA has prepared and distributed audio clips and publications on the Internet and in print. The campaign aims to show life without addictions, with focus on the value and importance of every individual. The campaign implementation will raise awareness of the problem and will help prevent young people from falling victim to the ever-growing roots of addiction problems.

100%YOU is funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports under art. 10A of the Gambling Act

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